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American Samoa Island

It is now simple and easy to get your EIN from the IRS.

$0 cost to get a federal Employer Identification Number from the IRS. Make sure you are not paying to get your federal EIN.

IRS Does Not Charge Any Fees for EIN!

The Internal Revenue of Service provides the federal EIN free of cost to a wide range of businesses. On top of online, there are several ways to get a federal EIN that also does not cost anything. However, it is vital for business owners to meet all the requirements to get their EIN.

For starters, make sure to form your business with a legal structure like LLCs. Also, the location of the business should be within US or US territories. And most importantly, get a proper taxpayer identification number like ITIN and SSN along with EIN.

Fill Out the Application and you are done.

As long as you fill out and submit the application without errors, you should be able to get your federal EIN immediately. And the best part is that there are no added or hidden charges whatsoever. Remember that the EIN is free because every business must get it for tax operational and tax purposes.

Apply through the Most Convenient Method Without Charges
For the sake of convenience, the IRS offers four distinct ways to get an EIN. You can fill out and submit your application online, fax a filled-out SS-4, apply via US Mail, or apply via telephone. Most startup businesses prefer the online method to obtain EIN.

In fact, filling out the application and validation of information online is easier and simpler than other methods. Oftentimes, business owners apply for an EIN through a toll-free service number. You can call (800) 829-4933 from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM local time to get your EIN.

You will, however, have to provide the relevant and required information to the assistor to obtain your EIN. In this option, there is also no fee to get EIN and just requires the authorized person to communicate over the telephone. American Samoa business applicants can also call (267) 941-1099 to get their EIN without any charge.

In American Samoa, startup business owners or members enjoy a lot of perks and allow a high degree of flexibility and accessibility to run LLC operations.

Use the Online Portal to Form an American Samoan LLC

Unlike other entity types, one of the perks of forming an American Samoan LLC is to enjoy a high degree of flexibility.  Although LLC requires an extensive operating agreement, it is worthwhile for members of the limited liability company to reap short-term and long-term benefits.

If you want to get the full variability and flexibility of an LLC in American Samoa, use a dedicated portal to speed up and streamline the formation process of an LLC. In the end, most business owners are joyous to find out how much they saved their valuable time through the online portal. https://llc.as.gov

How start llc- From asset protection to confidentiality to security to privacy, start an American Samoan LLC to leverage liability protection and taxation benefits.