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Why create an LLC in American Samoa, USA?

Highlights that make American Samoa the Best State to form an LLC. Making an LLC in American Samoa is Simple. Small Business and Startups receive these LLC Benefits :

    • LLC Confidentiality
      • Owner information remains private in an Anonymous LLC
  • Form LLC in American Samoa and Pay NO State LLC Tax
  • LLC Asset Protection
    • Apply for an LLC directly with American Samoa
      • No third party required
  • LLC Renewal Options for Discounted Annual Report Fees
  • No US Citizenship Required for an American Samoa created LLC
  • LLC Ownership is Transferrable

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American Samoa Legistlation – PUBLIC LAW NO. 35 _ 20

Learn more about the legislation allowing you to setup an LLC and take advantage of the benefits offered by using American Samoa for your next business registration.

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